Top technology for the highest quality food

Specialists in their field since 1954

Sophisticated machinery, latest automation processes, the most sophisticated product ideas and recipes, great value for money… That’s a brief description of Handtmann company.

From manually operated to sophisticated automation solutions, Handtmann has long been a leader in vacuum filling and portioning systems in the food industry. With a very broad profile in the dairy, dough, confectionery, soy, meat and other industries.

Careful and economical use of resources is a key factor for economic success. This is achieved, for example, through the use of modular, energy-efficient and highly durable system platforms that facilitate sustainable and environmentally friendly food production.

Handtmann’s development objective is to produce customer-oriented, excellent quality products that create measurable added value.


Fields of application

Sausages and meat products, bakery products and pastry, dairy products, fish, semi-finished products, stuffing, delicatessen, pet food and other confectionery… Discover new possibilities with Handtmann technology and realise both innovative product ideas and classic products.


Handtmann offers technologies for the automated production of milk and cheese products: moulding and filling systems with a vacuum filling unit that produces portions with gram accuracy.

Sausage and meat industry

Whether filled, portioned, dosed, moulded, squeezed together or combined: the possibilities for Handtmann sausages and meat products are enormous.

Baked goods

The VF 600 B series of dough dividing systems and portioning machines, as well as the latest generation of VF 800 machines, which feature Handtmann's paddle chamber feeding system as a unique technical feature, are characterised by excellent product quality and weight accuracy.

Vegetarian production

Vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly important worldwide. With Handtmann technology, produce a wide range of vegan and vegetarian products or meat substitutes.


Handtmann offers technological solutions for a wide range of products, from soft products such as biscuits, to hard products such as marzipan, to innovative product ideas such as alginate-coated snacks.